AeroVanc™ (vancomycin hydrochloride inhalation powder) is a proprietary inhaled dry powder form of vancomycin in a capsule-based device designed for convenient self-administration. Vancomycin, administered by injection into a vein (also called intravenous or IV administration), is the antibiotic of choice for MRSA-related bronchopneumonia, however, the inconvenience of IV administration, poor penetration into the lungs and systemic toxicities limit its use in a chronic setting. By delivering vancomycin directly to the site of infection in the lungs, the hope is that AeroVanc will improve clinical efficacy and reduce adverse effects due to systemic drug exposure.

The AeroVanc Inhaler is a plastic device used for inhaling the AeroVanc and Placebo powders. For the study, AeroVanc and Placebo capsules are supplied in aluminum foil laminated blisters, and the blister strips are packaged into a wallet that contains one week’s supply of study drug. To use the delivery system, an AeroVanc or Placebo capsule is placed in the well of the AeroVanc Inhaler, and the capsule is pierced by pressing and releasing the buttons on the sides of the device. The AeroVanc or Placebo powder is dispersed into the air stream when the patient inhales rapidly and deeply through the mouthpiece.

AeroVanc and its use in the inhaler are investigational, meaning that they are not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Advocacy is one way you can make a difference for people with CF and MRSA. If you wish to help increase awareness of AeroVanc’s development program,

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